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High light

The Orla Perc is situated in the upper part of Zakopane, right next to the Skalny*** hotel. Its attractive location, only 20 minute’s walk from the city center and in the direct vicinity of the most popular hiking trails and skiing slopes allows our guests a relaxing stay and makes this place worth recommending. In the neighbouring Skalny*** hotel there is an indoor swimming pool, sauna, solarium, gym and a squash court. Only 10 minute’s walk from the Willa are tennis courts of the Zakopane Sports School, and only about 10 or 15 minute’s walk some of the most popular skiing slopes: Mount Nosal, Koziniec oraz Parda³owka Ugory. All of these have ski rentals, and there is also a professional ski school at the foot of Mount Nosal. On request we provide the following services:

  • guided hiking trips to the Polish and Slovakian Tatras
  • day trips in Zakopane and the surrounding area
  • tennis instruction
  • skiing instruction
  • folk evenings

The Orla Perc is situated in the vicinity of some of the most popular hiking trails in the Polish part of the Tatra mountains. It is a perfecr starting point for some of the following trips:

Mount Kasprowy

There are two options of the trip to Mount Kasprowy, but both of those start in Kuznice the first one is taking the cable car, and it is a better option for elderly people, couples with babies and small children and all those who do not feel fit enough to make it to the top the other option is to take the green trail via Myslenickie Turnie, which takes approximately 3,5 hours to climb to the very summit of the mountain then we can either continue to Czerwone Wiechy, taking the red trail (2 hour’s hike) or come down to Kondratowa and via Kalatowki back to Zakopane (8 hours altogether) another option is to take the yellow trail to Gasienicowa (appr. 1 hour’s hike) and then back to the town via Jaworzynki Valley or Boczan (both options 1,5 hour’s hike), this option of coming down will take approximately 3 hours of our time hiking trip to Mount Kasprowy is an allday trip, taking the cable car will only take 3,5 hours.

Kondratowa Glade

We start at Kuznice to go to Kalatowki first, after 15 minute’s walk we come to St. Albert’s Nunnery and Albert Chmielowski’s Hermitage (he was the order’s founder), a little bit further to the right is St. Albert’s Cloister, rebuilt after 1977’s fire after another 40 minute’s walk we come to Kalatówki with its mountain shelter that was built in 1938 by Tatra Skiing Society in the Alpine style Kalatowki gives out beautiful views over the Bystra Valley and the cable car to Mount Kasprowy, then we follow the blue trail to Kondratowa, 30 minutes later we arrive to the smallest mountain shleter in the Polish Tatras the shelter has only got 20 beds available as most hikers go only past by on the wat to the mountais or back to the town we come back exactly the same way, the round trip takes only about 2,5 hours and is not a difficult one at all.

Nad Reglami Path

Its total lenghth is 16,5 km and it takes 5,5 hours to walk whichever direction you choose just like Pod Reglami Path joins lower entries to the valleys, the Nad Reglami Path joins the upper entries you start at Kalatowki, a beautiful clearing with thousnads of lilac crocuses which bloom in April and continue to the Bialego Valley, the Strazyska Valley, where you can start your climb to Mount Giewont, the Malej Laki Valley, Przyslop Mietusi to the Koscieliska Valley, and even go further than that to the Chocholowska Valley also known for beautiful crocuses in spring.

Mount Giewont

Zooming over the town of Zakopane, Mount Giewont is one of the most popular mountains of Poland the popular name of the peak „Sleeping Giant” refers to one of popular local legends about knights turned to stones and resting within the mountain, waiting for a sign to battle we start in Kuznice going to Kalatowki and Kondratowa first, to finally make to the huge iron cross that is placed on the very summit of the mountain, the upper and most difficult climbs are secured with chains climb to Mount Giewont takes approximately 3 hours to come back you can take the red trail to Grzybowiec and Strazyska Valley the round trip takes about 7 hours altogether don’t forget to take rain and wind proofs with you, and some warmer clothes as well, as the weather in the mountains tends to change quite rapidly and unexpectably!

The Olczyska Valley

45 minute’s walk from Jaszczurowka (residential area of Zakopane), 2 km walk, 150 metres of alltitude difference green trail nice and relatively easy walk to get you going and prepare for higher climbs in the Tatra mountains small parking lot at the entry to the valley, otherwise 15 minute’s walk from the Orla Perc, entry near a former swimming pool with thermal waters, today’s nature reserve of spotted salamanders managed by the authorities of the Tatra National Park (the name of the place Jaszczurowka comes from the local word for those) at the end of the journey you will find a small clearing which is an excellent place for sunbathing in the summer, in spring it is covered with thousands of lilac crocuses, very typical of this part of Poland, and a few wooden huts traditionally called „szalas” that used to provide shelter to shepards when sheep grazing was still allowed in the mountains and finally the springs of the Olczyski Potok (Olczyski Stream) that begins in fact in the 3 km distant Panszczyca Valley and makes it to Olczyska Valley in a form of underground river stream highly recommended!!

Białego Valley

An easy walk for everyone it takes only 15 minute’s to walk from the vicinity of the jumping hills, 5 km to walk from the town centre, round trip takes approximately 3 hours.

Pod Reglami Path

6 hour’s walk, very easy one!! the path joins the lower entries of some of the most popular valleys of the lower parts of the Tatra mountais available for cyclists as well!! the path starts on the way to Kuznice (where the cable catr for Mount Kasprowy leaves) and we first come to a former quarry and the complex of the ski jumping hills, this consists of five hills at the moment and the biggest one of those The Wielka Krokiew is the venue of the biggest international ski jumping competitions in Poland, the hill believed to be one of the most beautiful natural hills in the world was constructed as early as 1925 then we make it to the first valley – the Bialego Vally, then the next one called Spadowiec, and Ku Dziurze, to finally make it to Strazyska Valley, where the trail for Mount Giewont start, and then further on to Za Bramka then we leave Zakopane behind us to arrive at the neighbouring village of Koscielisko and the Malej Laki Valley to finally make it to the Koscieliska Valley – one of the longest and most beautiful valleys in the Polish part of the Tatra mountains, where you can visit Mrozna cave and see Smreczynski lake and enjoy well deserved hiker’s lunch in the Ornak mountain shelter situated at the end of the valley

Mount Nosal

One of the most popluar skiing areas in Zakopane with FIS homologated slalom course paragliders use it these day as well for their take-offs into the mountains and the area it takes only about 35 minute’s to walk from Kuznice.

Gąsienicowa Glade

Two options to choose from, either: follow the blue trail from Kuznice via Boczan and Skupinow Uplaz or take the yellow trail to Jaworzynka Valley and Przelecz Miedzy Kopami which then joins the blue trail directly to Gasienicowa it takes about 1,5 hours to get to Murowaniec, one of the best known mountain shelters in the Polish Tatras, once there it is only 30 minute’s walk to Gasienicowy Lake, so remember not to miss out on this one, definitely worth seeing!! 5 km to walk, difficult only at times